White Socks out of Dirty Forces and High-Top Converses

I struck upon gold here, I really did not know what I would stumble upon. So this all literally happened in front of me, the girl in blue jeans and dirty forces came to sit with her friend and immediately took her shoes off. Once I saw that happen, I had to get a seat across. I notice a common trend today of girls wearing very dirty Air Forces and these shoes were as worn as can be and you can also see how dirty her socks were. She routinely crosses her legs and flexes her feet, getting a good view of her soles and the arches of her foot. She even walked without her shoes as well.

When she comes back to her seat around the 40 minute mark, her friend starts to get the itch and takes off her Converse Platforms and drops them to the ground. I did not see that coming at all. There was a noticeable(but not overpowering) smell of sweat and dirty feet as well and it was coming mostly from the girl out of forces based on how close her feet and shoes were to me. In the end of the video, they both put their shoes back on with the girl on the right picking up and handing her friend’s Air Forces so she could put them back on.  A must for fans of socked feet.

Length: 1:10:46 (1 Hour, 10 minutes and 46 seconds)
Price: $15


Available from either Cashapp or Paypal click the image to send payment. Send email or discord account and name of the video in the message for me to send the video link to.

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