Three’s Not a Crowd

It’s great for me when I happen to stumble upon two people at the same time but rarely have I seen three people at the same time. All three ebony woman were sitting together with one having both her socked feet out of her vans where you get a view of her dirty white socks, another girl with one foot out of her converse sneakers with the other off halfway with her heels of her sneakers crushed and the other dangling and shoeplaying with her sandals. In the beginning, you get an opposite angle with the girl out of her vans swinging her foot in the air back and forth, shortly after that the angles are switched where you see the soles of the girl in white socks. Later on she puts both her feet up and you see the shoeplay of the girl in sandals who had them off completely at times too. Alot of things happening within a 12 minute video.

Length: 12:43 (12 minutes and 43 seconds)
Price: $5


Available from either Cashapp or Paypal click the image to send payment. Send email or discord account and name of the video in the message for me to send the video link to.

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