Ebony Barefoot out of All Red Chucks

Towards the very end of the day, this ebony woman who had her shoes on for hours takes her chucks off, I was surprised she took her shoes off after having them on all day as I figured that was unlikely, even to more of my surprise she did not wear any socks. As I sat and began to set up, I was hit with a pretty strong smell coming from her shoes; it was a mix a corn chips, sweat and popcorn, and despite the smell of her feet she didn’t mind rubbing her toes together swinging her feet back and forth.

The first quarter of the video is an overhead angle, where you get a good shot of her toes as she presses the toes of each foot together. The video is just over 10 minutes in before she puts her shoes back on to step out, I thought it could be over right then and there, but she just took her shoes off not too long before that so kept the camera rolling just in case.

When she came back, after fidgeting in her sneakers for a few minutes, she kicks her sneakers off and gets back to where she starts. She completely wrecks her sneakers with her feet moving them back and forth with her toes and soles and repeatedly swings and stretches her soles in the air, getting great angles of her pudgy wide soles. A great video for barefoot fans especially if you are a fan of soles and natural toes.

Length: 1:19:36 (1 Hour, 19 minutes and 36 seconds)
Price: $15


Available from either Cashapp or Paypal click the image to send payment. Send email or discord account and name of the video in the message for me to send the video link to.

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