Gray and Purple Hanes Socks out of New Balances and Dangling Sandals

It’s always a great catch to get a double candid, At the start of the video, both women have their shoes off, the girl in sneakers put her shoes back on to step out for a bit, during the time you get some quick bare ankle crossing from the girl in sandals. When the girl in new balances comes back, she takes her sneakers off again in what looks to be dirty looking purple and hanes socks. You get great scenes from both of them and with active foot movements from the socked girl and some active sandal shoeplay from the other girl. Disclaimer for strictly barefoot fans, at times the girl’s socked feet blocks the angle of the barefoot girl so if you are getting this vid solely for the girl in sandals, I am warning you to let you know.

Length: 57:32(57 minutes and 32 seconds)
Price: $15


Available from either Cashapp or Paypal click the image to send payment. Send email or discord account and name of the video in the message for me to send the video link to.

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