Ebony Socked Trio

One of the magical things with candids is that there are no scripts, you never know what is going to happen and you never know what to expect. When I came to record this video, only one woman out of New Balances had her socked feet out and was as active as can be. It was just her and her other friend in Beige Adidas sneakers, who still had them on.


After a while, the 3rd girl comes and unbeknownst to me, immediately takes her black and white adidas sneakers off right when she has a seat, her barefoot is just sticking out of the heel which she eventually slides on. For about over 30 minutes of the video, it was just those 2 with their sneakers off, the girl out of adidas is rubbing her feet together or rubs her toes on the leg of the chair.

Eventually after some brief teasing, the girl in the middle succumbs and takes off her sneakers completely and for the first time I get a candid with 3 women out of sneakers at the same time. Each girl have their moments but the focus is mainly on the girl out of New Balances which is the most active one. Each girl stretches their feet out on the  wall and the 2 girls on the far side both step out and walk in their socks. A great and rare video to see and ends when they all put their shoes on and leave the area. One of the longest videos I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting.


Length: 2:14:18 (2 hours, 14 minutes and 18 seconds)
Price: $15


Available from either Cashapp or Paypal click the image to send payment. Send email or discord account and name of the video in the message for me to send the video link to.

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